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BMW E90 E91 E92 E93 320d vs 320i vs 325i vs 325d vs 330i vs 330d vs 335i vs 335d vs M3 Acceleration



Johnny Neumann : 325i in 6 secs!?
I have an 325i, faster than 7 secs isnt possible, the car in the vid must be tuned.
Chesney : 320d goes from 0 to 100 in 7.1... i had a e92 177hp

BMW 325D E92 MSPORT - Test drive, sound and 0-100

Walkaround and driving of my previous Bmw e92 coupe msport.
It features the famous M57 engine, known for its torque and reliability. I always wanted to modify it a bit, engine tuning and exhaust most of all, but that terrible automatic gearbox made me change my mind and eventually sell it.
Anyway, a 7.2 seconds in 0-100 (0-62 mph) it's quite a good time considering the lazy automatic and its weight, 1650 kg.

Have fun and tell me what you think in the comments!
Corte Ssport : Molto bella.. hai notato particolari difetti? Ti chiedo perché ne vorrei portare a casa una
iProComboツ : Do these 325ds have the same engine as the 330d?
Yass Ktr : Automatic is not good on this car ?!?!????? Please information
Mark VRC : Che bello il sound del diesel al minimo
A parte gli scherzi... bel video ?

BMW 3 Series 325D M Sport Coupe 2011 Review

If I get 100 likes on this video within 6 months, I will do another video on the car in 6 months time going over any issues, if any, that I have had over that period, thanks for watching.
Zed's Dead : i've only got aux in my compartment. WTF
aspi rine : Interior BMW, do something about it. This looks like it was made in 1980.
iProComboツ : Looool I thought I recognized this car.... I saw your ad on autotrader xD 9k for it yeah? Has it been driven hard?
A Patel : really nice car.I was wondering hows its going for you after a year of owning it. i'm having to decide between 100k 330d and 70k 325d. thanks
jimmy marsh : I have this engine .it remaps 300 bhp easy great car

BMW 325d (E90) Manual! 2008 POV Test Drive + Acceleration 0-200 km/h

Acceleration: 7:40
We think, this car is little bit chiptuned! Let us know in comments, if you think so.
It rides so cheap in terms of fuel consumtion! Watch it.
Technical data:
Engine type - Diesel R6
Capacity - 2993 cm3
Maximum power - 145 kW
Maximum torque - 400 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h - 7,7 sec.
Top speed - 247 km/h
Kerb weight - 1 623 kg
Petozzi : 300hp.
pAcA[A] : Its not, chiptuned or remaped... It pulls okay for 325d motor...
Ivo Beljo : What year is this bmw?
czachorek1992 Czachor : Wiadomo, że ma zrobiony program, a nie piszesz, że to seria jest dzbanie.
Chérif Dziri : What the music in the beginning please???



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