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1986 Fuji TW-300 2 Date Pre-Winding Drop in Loading 후지 tw300 사용법 필름 넣는 법

Clarence Jeong : 갖고싶다......

TW Steel TW300 Canteen Watch

For link to discount prices:

Presenting the TW Steel Canteen series watch from, the UK's leading watch retailer.

* Japanese quartz battery movement movement
* Black round dial
* Date calendar function
* Unisex size

Product comes brand new with all original manuals and packaging included

Fuji TW-300

Analog dual lens camera with two fixed focal length lenses
Gustave Frankfurter : Thanks for posting this. I couldn't figure out how to remove the battery and now I know. Thanks.
Catalin Trifan : Did you shoot any roll with it? Would be curious to see the quality of this little camera. Thanks
susy lampreia : Combien vaut-il aujourd'hui?
antonia : Also, what batteries does this take and what film?
antonia : How do I open the back?




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