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7-1) 2016 전주 인라인 트랙대회 파스칼 브리앙(전 살로몬 월드팀) 트랙주행 (inline)


0691 인라인강좌 / Inline skate tutorial (How to do double kick )

Inline skate tutorial ( How to do double kick )
김초롱이 : ⛸⛸?➿⛸⛸➡️➡️???‍♀️?????.!?.!?
刘峰 : Good!

Salomon Aggressive inline skates 2018 Review

After making a video about the use of skates from brands not operating in 2018, a lot of the viewers didn't like what I said in that video and commented a lot.
I took that feedback and decided to try the skates with different, frames, wheels and liners, and if you wanna know my opinion, you just need to watch this video.

here´s the video that I have made in the past and referred in this video:

Salomon Aggressive inline skates 2018 Review

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pigeons homer23 : Hey you are pretty good skater,..
SnOpointcom : Thx for the review.
Did u try with salomon widebody?
micael martel : I remember skating these around 2003 and hating them at the time. I felt like they were shaky and I could feel every bump on the ground. Obviously the fact that I was skating some TSR did have an impact on that cuz they were insanely stable and wide. I did like how light they felt. I"m wondering how I would feel about them now after skating some v13
aran large : Hi Ricardo just came across your channel, plenty of great videos buddy.

I've not skated for over 10 years, but back when I did I had USD Prius -lol, K2, and then loads of razors genesis from murdas to shima browns and the last straw for me was putting the frame through the bottom of the boot of my 3 week old Jeff Stockwell's, they later added the 1 piece soles for I assume to aid that problem, but while I was out of action I borrowed some Salomon st90 black skates and really loved them but struggled with torques, then when a friend quickly got into and out of skating I bought his st80's and chucked the razor 1 piece soles and backslide plate on, razor cuff buckles and reign liners, holy shit they were solid skates, still have them in the loft, all my other razors and such died eventually so credit to Salomon for making a solid boot, the shock absorber is still the best out of any skate I've had.

I did try get back into it even purchasing the classic razor boot when they re released it as the st80's didn't fit anymore, no shock absorber in the heel was an immediate no for me, even bought a new brand liner to try help it but sadly they are sat in the loft too, since then I bought some salo feinbergs with the intention of doing up with custom sole plates again but have yet to start, in the UK at least, last time I tried shopping for ANY skate part or new boots there was literally 2 shops and both had an extremely limited range. For me the salo boot just works, I yearn for some classic tall white reign liners from the old shima genesis, the modern liners I've bought may technically be better but I need my foot loose not strapped down by the liner itself, the reigns were always perfect, not too tight but enough to aid with torques, I've still got Osgood's latters disease from my teens and a gammy leg from a broken tibia, so these old lust's of mine are somewhat justified, I've tried new and it's gone a different way, even my old skating buddy bought the carbon usds and hated the lightness and lack of movement, it's just what we we comfortable with at the time and still comfortable with now.

If anyone had made it to the end of this, please link me to UK skate shops online, I still watch the videos and will one day get back up the skatepark, no hipster old boot movement just sticking with what I know, it's all changed now watching videos online, its now big wheels, flat setups, tall frames, moulded liners ect, I don't know where to start?
Gustavo Alves : Este video fez realmente a ligação necessária ao outro video! Nem sabia que tinhas feito este...

Alguns levaram um pouco a mal devido ao facto de nem todos terem possibilidades para comprar todo um novo setup e dai fazerem as actualizações aos seus Patins ou então melhoramento dos patins que adoram desde sempre!
Eu próprio tenho uns RollerBlade DownTown 2 completamente podres mas se ainda houvesse material era capaz de os restaurar porque adoro aqueles patins.
Por acaso adoro esses Solomon ST ainda invejo o Carlos Oliveira pelos dele! xD

Excelente video amigo! Parabéns

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